Cybersecurity Services

CyberSecurity Augmentation

A company confronting heightened cyber-risks—such as when increased publicity causes cyber-threat actors to target it—may find its existing resources overtaxed at a critical time. Many companies install new security measures and increase their monitoring only to find their ability to respond buckling under the increased workload.

How Metafor Helps

Metafor offers expert support when you need it most. We’ve been on the front-lines for over 15 years responding to cybersecurity incidents ranging from opportunistic “drive-by” hacks to motivated nation-state advisories. We’re also familiar with the day-to-day vigilance required to surveil for cyber-threats and are adept at establishing monitoring controls.

Representative Matters

Helping Luxury Retailer Recover from Intercepted Emails – When a company executive clicked on a link in a spear-phishing email, she unwittingly allowed an attacker to gain access not only to her email account, but also to take over administrative control of the company’s cloud email service. After the attacker sent fraudulent wire transfer requests to the company’s business partners, we were contacted to help the company regain control of its infrastructure.

Responding to Breach of Medical Server – When a database server containing health information was compromised, we quickly responded to analyze the digital evidence and determine the extent of the compromise, presented recommendations on remedial measures to company executives, and worked with technical representatives on strengthening its security posture

Personalized CyberSecurity Assessments

Companies spend millions installing firewalls, patching servers, and monitoring their networks. Cybercriminals know that. For them, an easier path is often to target individuals by mining publicly-available information to craft customized spear-phishing emails or by probing exploitable weaknesses, such as the reuse of a password that has been compromised in a data breach.

How Metafor Helps

Rigorously assessing the cyber risks is only part of our work. Cybersecurity is personal today given how much of our lives we live online. We respect that and dedicate the time to address your questions, talk through soft spots that cyber attackers may seek to exploit, and suggest ways to better safeguard corporate and personal information, online privacy, personal safety and financial well-being.

Our Approach

Interview – We first work to understand your online and digital device usage, including what social media sites you use, your general password practices, and to map out what work-issued and personal devices you use

Independent Testing – We assess your cyber risk posture by profiling your online presence and examining the effectiveness of the cybersecurity controls around your key digital assets, which may include home wireless networks or personal computing devices that are not already secured by corporate security controls.Assessment – We distill our observations into an assessment of the cybersecurity risks you face and suggested mitigating controls, which we can deliver orally or in writing depending on your preference.