About Us

Metafor LLC specializes in data and metadata forensics, cybersecurity, and compliance assurance. We are conscientious and credible fact-finders that resolve questions involving technical issues and electronic evidence that arise during legal, regulatory, and investigative matters.

Metafor is led by Michael F. McGowan. He has been at the forefront of applying digital forensics, statistical analysis, and investigative skills to resolving issues involving electronic data for over 15 years. 

Mr. McGowan is a sought-after consultant and expert witness. He has testified on numerous occasions, including serving as the government’s expert witness in the Enron Barge trial to testifying on behalf of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg about the results of his forensic analysis that demonstrated that documents produced by an individual claiming to own half of Facebook were not authentic. He has examined computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices in both routine cases and cases in which many millions of dollars or people’s freedom have hinged on what was uncovered on the devices.

Prior to founding Metafor, Mr. McGowan worked at Stroz Friedberg where he supervised the digital forensic lab at the firm’s headquarters.